partenaire Parc National des Cévennes

Our home: The National Park of the Cevennes !

The campground is situated at the foot of the Aigoual mountain, in the Cevennes National Park territory where the beauty of the landscape, the biodiversity and the richness of the culture justify the specific means of protection and management that have been put in place to ensure the sustainability of these exceptional assets.
Twice, the Parc was recognized by UNESCO, first in 1985 where it was designated as a biosphere reserve, then in 2011, when the Causses and the Cevennes were included on the list of the World Heritage Sites for their cultural agropastural landscapes.
The vast territory of the park is a magical destination for lovers of the large natural protected areas and so we naturally took the party to reduce our impact on the environment while giving meaning to travel.
After becoming members of the Cevennes ecotourism association, we logically wanted to pursue our commitment to progress toward quality tourism. We have applied to become members and are now signatories of the European charter for sustainable tourism in protected areas managed by the National of the Cevennes.