Bathing in the river Herault

The Cevennes are crisscrossed by rivers offering simple and unforgettable moments of happiness. The river Hérault passes on the edge of the campground so you can enjoy bathing when you wish in the water pond of the Mouretou.

Next to the campground, a superb body of water with a little beach, is located on the Herault is open during the month of July and August. Swimming is supervised by a life guard in the afternoon. You can swim, dive from the rocks which overlook the pond to the great delight of the children.
On the south shore you can enjoy a picnic area under the trees and a large collective barbecue, as well as games for children.

In the river

Families with young children might prefer accessing the river from the bottom of the campground, below the water pond for a little more privacy. The water there is shallow and the children spend hours building dams. They love it ! Parents can use the opportunity to read in peace on the beach !

The nearby rivers

To vary the pleasures visit the nearby
The Vis, located 30 minutes away from the campground, is one of the most beautiful rivers of France. You can admire its magnificent waterfalls, beaches and little natural ponds.
On the Mont Aigoual, you will be charmed by the Dourbie and its gorges.

Swim in the heated pool : another option !

You can also enjoy the heated swimming pool hidden in the greenery where it is pleasant to bathe in the sweet summer days.