Qigong workshop “a moment for yourself”

Discover QIGONG or practice it during your holidays

QIGONG combines breathing and slow movements, and this “moment for yourself”, in the morning, will relax your body and joints, capture the energy of the moment and the environment and will keep you smiling throughout your day.

Every Tuesdays from the 10th of july 2018 until the 21st of august 2018, open to all, 2 workshops will take place:

  • 8h30-9h30 for adults, workshop Qi Gong ‘a moment for oneself’
  • 10h-11h for parents and child, Qi Gong workshop ‘parent child’.

Family QI GONG workshop

In this workshop, come and have fun discovering the “game of animals” (WU QIN XI): tiger, crane, monkey and other animals to imitate will delight young and old. This simple and playful qigong is a true qigong practice and offers various benefits: energize, center or calm according to the animal practiced.
Open to everyone.


  • 7 € per person, or 15 € for one month
  • 10 € 1 adult and 1 child,
  • 12 € 1 couple and 1 child,
  • + € 2 per additional child.
qigong au Camping Le Mouretou

Carole BASTIEN, qigong graduate

Workshops animated by Carole BASTIEN, graduated in Chinese energy art from the FFWUSHU federation and youth and sports ministry. She has been teaching Qigong for over 13 years.