Theme Nights

In July and August, some Wednesday night, we offer a concert/ evening around a meal prepared by Valérie.
Once a month, we organize a Karaoke night hosted by Maestro Claude, the lead singer of the village !

Many projects this year, other cultural activities : theater, tales… To be followed !


QIGONG Classes

Valleraugue camping yoga bord piscineThe QIGONG classes are taught by Carole Bastien who lives in Sumène and will be performed outside.
QIGONG is a traditional Chinese gymnastics and a science of breathing that is based on knowledge and breath control. It combines slow movements, breathing exercises and concentration. In the parks, on their doorstep, or even at the factory, the Chinese are millions to practice these physical exercises daily. The effects of regular practice range from increasing the ability to prevent and cure illnesses and injuries, to maintaining good health, to increasing the quality of life, to longevity, to developing oneself…


Price per class:

  • 7 € / adult
  • 10 € / for an adult + a child

Welcome Drink

In summer, every Sunday at 10 am, we offer a welcome drink with a tasting of local products.
We will introduce you to the whole team, to the campground and the activities we propose.
You will find other information from our partners for nature activities, Escal’osud, Canôe Le Moulin and Cigale adventures that are available that day.

Animations of the National Park of the Cevennes

Our partner, the National Park of the Cevennes offers over 500 animations as part of its nature festival from May to November, most of them free, around an annual theme. In 2016, the theme is : landscapes and men.
Walks and theme hikes, guided tours, workshops, shows, know how demonstrations, exhibitions, conferences, movies, etc..
These animations are ideal to discover the magnificent territory of the cultural mediterranean, agro-pastoral landscape recognized by the Unesco.